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Our founder and head designer was born into a family of creative entrepreneurs.  From a young age Cindy showed a passion for creating beautiful fashioned jewelry.   Her dream of designing and marketing her own label has been a dream of hers since a young age. Her flare for the creativity, uniqueness and craftsmanship combined with her entrepreneurship has landed her in the business of making lamp worked beads in the jewelry industry. Since 2009, she has received intensive training in the trade of alchemy of glass. The fascination of glass, the colors and their chemistry has since kept her engaged in the business of designing and making unique and beautiful glass beads. Cindy’s designs have seen her become influential in the procurement of upmarket glass beads sold by major brands internationally. She takes joy and pride in delivering glass beads of the highest quality and by so doing bringing color, design and beauty into the jewelry industry. The glass beads designed by Cindy’s company, Murano-Studios, are elegant hand crafted items to be made into tokens of sentiment, hence the company’s slogan that their beads are:

“A moment captured in time”

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Collaborative brand- Wabi Sabi Urban

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Handmade Murano Glass Charms Made With Love

To design products that have a unique South African flavor as we draw our inspiration from our rich heritage and our unique country. Our design reflects the colors of our rainbow nation, as well as in capturing our beautiful fauna and flora.  Our products are designed and lamp worked in South-Africa, by local talented artists. We believe in originality and innovation, always re-inventing ourselves and continuously researching the latest available technology in our industry to enable us to deliver a world class product of the highest quality at an affordable price to our customers.

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